Workshop on Nuclear Isomers: Structure and Applications
                      organised in honour of Professor George Dracoulis

                                   Dates: 19 21 May 2010 at the University of Surrey, Guildford, UK





Nuclear isomers present unique experimental and theoretical opportunities in 
the study of exotic nuclei, especially with the advent of high-intensity radioactive 
beams. The Workshop will bring together a range of isomer experts to present 
the status of the field and to discuss the way forward.
Scientific coverage: 
Shell-model isomers; K isomers; shape isomers; isomers at the limits of 
stability; isomers in astrophysics; isomers as probes of the atomic environment; 
experimental and theoretical techniques.

Invited lectures will be given by:

B.A.Brown (MSU) "Isomers and their decay modes in the nuclear shell model"
J.J.Carroll (Youngstown) "Isomers and apps"
R.M.Clark (Berkeley) "Isomer studies of the heaviest atomic nuclei"
D.M.Cullen (Manchester) "High-K isomers and gamma softness"
G.D.Dracoulis (ANU) "Isomers in Pb, Po and Rn nuclei with N<=126: from

                                      octupole-coupled multiparticle states to signatures of shape coexistence"
G.Gosselin (CEA) "Nuclear excitation in plasmas: theory and applications"
P.T.Greenlees (Jyvaskyla) "In-beam and decay studies of high-K states in heavy nuclei"
A.Jungclaus (Madrid) "Isomer spectroscopy after fragmentation and fission reactions at relativistic energies"
Y.Sun (Shanghai) "Projected shell model description of K isomers"
H.Watanabe (RIKEN) "Isomeric decay spectroscopy at RIKEN RI Beam Factory"
F.R.Xu (Peking) "Probing the structure of isomers using a configuration-constrained PES model"


A pdf file of the preliminary programme is available here and the set of abstracts

of accepted contributions here.


Workshop structure:  

The Workshop will begin at 2 pm on 19th May, and close at 1 pm on 21st May. 
The programme will consist of a combination of invited lectures and contributed 
talks. Contributed abstracts (see below) will be selected for oral presentation 
by the organising committee. There will be no parallel sessions and no poster 
Workshop sponsors:
Science and Technology Facilities Council, and University of Surrey.

The Workshop will take place at the University of Surrey. A campus map can

be found here.


Local Organizers:

Phil Walker                   (Room 05BB03)

Physics Office:             (Cristobel Soares-Smith, Room 06BB03)


Fees and accommodation:

Workshop attendees will be charged no fee. Attendance is limited to approximately 

70 people. Attendees are requested to make their own accommodation arrangements

for the meeting. The following web-page links have details of local accommodation in


The following places to stay are convenient, being close to the University and

reasonably priced.


* Guildford Travelodge
* Guildford YMCA
* Premier Travel Inn
* Asperion 

There will be an evening reception on the opening day of the workshop

(Wednesday, 19th May), and an (optional) informal dinner on the Thursday

evening, which will be charged at a cost of 20 per head for those who

wish to attend.

You are asked to register by sending an email to the principal organiser to reserve a place. Please also indicate (a) if you 
would like to give a 15-minute oral presentation of your research, including 
a provisional title, and (b) if you plan to join the Thursday evening dinner, and 
if you intend to bring a partner. 
Contributed talks: 

The final deadline for contributed abstracts is 30th April, but some pre-selection

for contributed talks will be necessary. If you wish to be considered for a contributed

talk, then please send your one-page abstract by 12th April and we will let you know

as soon as possible if you have been selected.


A collection of all contributed abstracts will be given to workshop participants.


Organising Committee:

Phil Walker (University of Surrey)

Alison Bruce (University of Brighton)

Dave Cullen (University of Manchester)


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