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Seminar programme: Autumn 2017 


The Surrey Nuclear Physics Group (NPG) holds regular seminars in experimental, 

theoretical and applied nuclear physics. Future seminars and other research activities

are displayed here. This information can also usually be found at the Departmental

web pages and, in some cases, links to the slides of the speakers are available.

Links to recent seminars, workshops and schools are also available from the Recent

Events link in the sidebar - or from here.



Seminars usually take place at the University of Surrey. The regular venue is the Physics

Department seminar room 30BB03. Any changes of location will be notified here. A map

of the Surrey campus is also available here.


Forthcoming seminars and events: Summary of events

Tuesday 5th December 2017 at 14.10 in Room 30BB03

Tom Davinson (School of Physics & Astronomy, University of Edinburgh)

In-ring applications of UHV-compatible charged particle detectors

Storage rings offer a range of opportunities for nuclear physics research. High resolution

studies of nuclear reactions producing low-energy  charged particles require in-ring

UHV-compatible detectors. The  design, development and operation of such detectors is

challenging. Examples of such detectors and experiments will be discussed and plans for

an advanced, UHV-compatible silicon strip detector array for CRYRING will be presented.

Seminar Organiser:

The seminar organiser is Dr Natasha Timofeyuk                    

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