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Seminar programme: Winter - Spring 2018


The Surrey Nuclear Physics Group (NPG) holds regular seminars in experimental, 

theoretical and applied nuclear physics. Future seminars and other research activities

are displayed here. This information can also usually be found at the Departmental

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Seminar venue:

Seminars usually take place at the University of Surrey. The regular venue is the Physics

Department seminar room 30BB03. Any changes of location will be notified here. A map

of the Surrey campus is also available here.


Forthcoming Conferences and Schools

The next European Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics (EFB24) will be held

at the University of Surrey, Guildford, United Kingdom, from 2 to 6 September 2019.  

This will be the 24th edition of this conference series which has previously taken place

in Aarhus (2016), Krakow (2013), Salamanca (2010) and Pisa (2007).

24th European Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics (EFB24)


The UK Nuclear Physics Graduate School is running in 2018. Details can be found

here. It is mainly aimed at PhD students but is also open to others who may be

interested. Registration for courses is via the eventbrite website:


Forthcoming seminars and events


Friday 15th June 2018 at 14.00 in Room 30BB03

Tibor Kibedi (Australian National University)
Looking for monopoles through a pair of glasses
Electric monopole (E0) transitions between spin-zero states in atomic nuclei were first

suggested by Gamow when interpreting a mysterious electron line in the β-decay spectrum

of radon. Single-photon 0 →  0 transitions are strictly forbidden. E0 transitions can only

proceed via internal conversion, electron-positron pair conversion, or very rarely by double-

photon emission. E0 transitions between the first excited 0+  state and the 0+  ground state

are one of the dominant features of the low-energy nuclear structure of even-even nuclei. 

It is widely accepted that E0 transitions provide sensitive tests of various nuclear structure

models for understanding volume oscillations, isotope and isomer shifts, and, in particular,

nuclear shape coexistence.
In this talk we will report on the recent results at the ANU, using the Super-e pair

spectrometer to observe conversion electrons and electron-positron pairs to study E0

transitions in light even-even nuclei between N=Z=20 and N=Z=28 magic nuclei. We also

report on the recent results to determine the radiative width of the Hoyle state from pair

conversion and gamma-ray experiments.


Seminar Organiser:

The seminar organiser is Dr Natasha Timofeyuk                    

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