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Seminar programme: Autumn 2017 


The Surrey Nuclear Physics Group (NPG) holds regular seminars in experimental, 

theoretical and applied nuclear physics. Future seminars and other research activities

are displayed here. This information can also usually be found at the Departmental

web pages and, in some cases, links to the slides of the speakers are available.

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Seminars usually take place at the University of Surrey. The regular venue is the Physics

Department seminar room 30BB03. Any changes of location will be notified here. A map

of the Surrey campus is also available here.


Forthcoming seminars and events: Summary of events


Tuesday 17th October 2017 at 14.00 in Room 30BB03
Jerry Yang (IPN Orsay)
Toward a systematic strategy for defining power counting in the construction
of the energy density functional theory
We propose a new scheme for constructing an effective field theory (EFT) based interaction

to be used in the energy density functional (EDF) theory with specific assumptions for defining

a power counting. So far this procedure is developed through the evaluation of the equation of

state (EOS) of symmetric and pure neutron matter and is evaluated up to next-to-leading order

in the beyond mean–field scheme. Counter terms are introduced to absorb the divergences

present in beyond mean–field diagrams, which contain also parameters which do not contribute

to the EOS of matter and may eventually be determined through future adjustments to properties

of some selected finite nuclei. Our work serves as a simple starting point for constructing a

well–defined power counting within the EDF framework.

Seminar Organiser:

The seminar organiser is Dr Natasha Timofeyuk                    

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